Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love Spell @>---}----

OK here is a love spell that worked for me.
Ground and center yourself.
Spend 5 min meditating on true Love
Then go to a social networking site (For me it was FB)
and Post a Poem that you write searching for true love
I'm posting mine here to give you some ideas, but it is important that you write your OWN so that you put as much of your energy into it.


The Wind softly whispers, through the cool fall air.....
Tell me that my true love is out there, somewhere....
Where to look it does not say....
Just that love is on it's way....
Trust in love, It'll happen in time....
I just can't wait, 'til your heart reaches mine.

While you write your poem think about the qualities that you desire in your soul mate. Do not think about any specific person, this is to attract your match not someone specific that you desire. Which would be going against free will and can have dire consequences.

Once you post your poem, go on about your life and forget about. Dwelling on it will draw energy away from it and make it take longer, or backfire completely.

For me this worked Within 9 days.... I was drawn to the profile of another person and I posted a comment to her and, things just went GREAT from there. We have so much in common and are constantly keeping each other smiling and laughing.

Good luck and great romances

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why do Plants have Magickal properties

Plants are Magickal because they grow using ALL 5 of the magickal elements.

Earth: Plants roots grow down into the Earth to draw nutrients from it.

Air: Plants draw Carbon dioxide from the air and utilize it in it's photosynthesis process

Fire: Plants use the chlorophyll in it's leaves to harness the energy from the Sun's fire as a catalyst in the photosynthesis process

Water: Plants draw water in through it's roots and leaves. It turns water, CO2 and Sunlight into a sugar rich sap/ nectar whic is the plants food

Spirit: As with every other living being on the planet, plants are imbued with the spirit of the divinity within it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essential Oils, Tinctures, Hydrosols and infusions

Caution: Before making anything that may be used topically or ingested, know about ALL of the properties of the ingredients you will be using and HOW they interact will each other.

That being said, on with the post.
Essential oil: Are oils that are derived from any botanical source, that is said to contain the "Essence" of said plant

Extracting an essential oil, can be a daunting task. 
There are 3 methods (That I know of) to extract essentials

1. compression: taking the botanical in question an pressing it until you extract the oils you desire. (Works best on high yield botanical. such as fruit skins. Especially citrus fruits)

2. submerged distillation: Placing the plant material directly in a solution of water, and boiling that water into a condenser/separator
(You can build a distiller like this reasonably affordably with a large chili style pot, a large metal salad bowl, a brick with a flat top and bottom, a collection dish [that will not melt under moderate heat] and ice)

3. Steam distillation: similar to the previous except that the botanical are placed in a tray that sits above the water line and the steam passes through them. 

Hydrosols: is a term for water that has some plant essence in it. When essential oils are extracted through distillation the water that is separated off, is a hydrosol. Some of the most popular hydrosols are rose-water and sage-water.

Infusions: A carrier oil that is infused with the essence of your botanicals.

1. choose your carrier oil. Any that don't have a strong scent or flavor of their own will do. I like vegetable oil or grapeseed oil.

2. boil you oil in a pot (Oil only: the temp that oil boils at would likely damage your botanicals essentials)

3. place your botanicals into a jar(one that can handle HOT temps) and fill it halfway with your botanicals

4. turn off your oil and allow to cool until it stops bubbling. Pour oil into jar until just below the hip.

5. Allow jar to cool to room temp before sealing 

6. wait at least one week for essences to acclimate into the carrier. For added potency I like to leave the jar where it can collect moonlight (I also like to leave it from one full moon to the next)

Tinctures: same concept as an infusion except rather than using a heated oil, you use an odorless, and tasteless alcohol to capture the essentials. (Most commonly used is Vodka)
You need to use a high proof alcohol (80 or better) and use colored glass jars (Brown is preferred) as tinctures are photoreceptive and excess light may effect the quality of your product.

Energy balls

To create an energy ball:

Begin by holding your hands together in a standard "prayer" position, then rub them back and forth. Generating heat by the friction. After you have a nice heat built up, stop, keeping your hands together. Imagine ALL of the heat you built up grouping together into a ball in the palms of your hands. Gently separate your palms, to allow the energy ball to grow.

Energy balls can be used for all sorts of purposes, from healing, to Reiki, to emotional transference.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spelling lesson 2

                               Okay say you want to do a spell and the first thing you do is google up the spell you want to do. Well don't stop there. What you want to do is research as many similar spells to it as you can, pull out the things that appeal to you and use them to embellish YOUR spell.

It is important that you make any spell you do YOUR spell. What I mean by that is that you have to tweak it until it 1.) fits your need 2.) feels right to you.

You have to put alot of yourself into a spell to empower it to work the magick for you.

Often times the spells you'll find on the web, you'll find that you don't have the ingredients for, or they just don't seem right to you. Which is OK because every person is unique and what works for some doesn't necessarily work for all.

The MOST important ingredients in any spell are a touch of personalization by you and YOUR BELIEF that it will work

Find a niche

A word of advice, for those that are just getting started following the path.

There are Soooooo many things that you can and might want to learn in witchcraft. So many in fact that if you tried to learn them all at once, you'll likely become overwhelmed and not learn those things as well as you'd like.

Pick one or two things that particularly appeal to you and learn those. Once you become skilled or adept at those things, then choose a few more.

Been a long time: Sorry

Wowwww its been awile since I was able to sign in here to make a post.

Sorry folks I had a few things disrupting my life OUTSIDE of the web that demanded my full attention.

But now that they are settled I can resume my posts.

Bright blessings to all

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My 1st gift a Blessing and a curse

My First GIFT I can remember having an ability at is something called "Empathy"
Now what that is, is when I am around other people I can sense or pick up on their emotions almost as if they were my own.
Now some of you are probably asking, how could THAT be a curse? Well when you act like an antenna for everybody's emotions, and you don't have anyone with experience to teach you how to shield or block out the undesired emotions, it can be quite complicated.
        I could be in a great and happy mood and then I come across someone who's having a bad day or is deeply sad about something, and my emotions just plummet. Not being able to close myself off from it, I had to develop some techniques to deal with it. 1.) At times I became reserved and didn't hang out with alot of people. If I'm not around them I can't have "Emotional overlap" 2.) I became a nurturer. I was the ear that EVERYONE could tell their troubles to. As people talk about their problems, they'd feel better and thus have less of an impact on my emotions. 3.) I tended to affiliate more with female friends for a long while.... because at first, their emotions were very different from mine. The line was more defined and easier for me to tell the difference between mine and my companions emotions. But as I hung out more with females.... my emotions defined more like theirs as time went on. I became more of an emotional chameleon, identifying with whatever group I was with. Which culminated in the fact that in High school I didn't have a small group of close knit friends, I had a large group of casual friends, that I couldn't get too close to because I would "Read" them too much. 4.)Another method I had tried was to shut down most of my emotional responses. to become in a sense Unemotional and that had me even more reserved and "Loner" like. not clinging to ANY close relationships so as to not leave myself OPEN to be hurt 5.) And after years of searching and experimenting and struggles I found that there are ways of Psychic shielding. There are techniques of blocking out unwanted stressers, and If I'd had a psychic mentor I could have developed this technique at a much earlier age. But then I wouldn't be the person I am today.

Last year I discovered my eldest son shares this ability. We had gone out to see a movie, and on the way home we passed a woman who was being verbally abusive and smacking her child. My son began reacting emotionally as if he were the one being assaulted. It was then that I had to start teaching him the same techniques I had developed for shielding and hope that by the benefit of my experience that he can use this as a true gift.

Starting to add artwork


OK so from now on a I'm probably going to be adding some artwork/clip art to the blog (Now that I know how)

Some of it may be of my own creation. Alot of it will probably be Clip art that I have found on the web and is listed as free. If you notice a graphic in my post that is of YOUR creation and it was never meant to be open source/ free please let me know so that I can remove it a note not to use it anymore
Hopefully the new graphics will be well received and Will make the blogs a bit more enjoyable

And Blessed Be


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A simple game to practice working with energy

This is something I discovered as I started working with Wicca

If you've ever played with magnets the principle is sorta the same...... If you haven't I would recommend getting a couple of magnets and just play with them and feel how they react with one another particularly when they oppose each other.

Now that you have the background lesson, on with the REAL lesson.

-Start by grounding yourself...... sit in a relaxed position with both feel on the floor, close your eyes and feel as if your feet are rooting to the ground...... This is a good way to dispel any negative energy and relax the tensions in your body... I would recommend doing this every day for a minute or 2

- Next center yourself....... Picture a bright white light in the sky and imagine that light stretching down to the top of your head and filling you and gently surrounding your body.... imagine that it circulates throughout your body...... This is a wonderful way to build energy for any ritual or practice..... and if you've had a particular draining day it can be a way to re energize and revitalize you.

- now that you are centered and grounded sit in a relaxed position and imagine an energy field around you (In other words try to picture your Aura, your own personal energy field, in your minds eye)

- pick a finger on each hand it should probably be the same finger on each hand, and with your eyes closed bring them closer together until you feel a gentle opposition kind of like how like sides of magnets push against each other. once you FEEL it open your eyes and see how for apart your fingers are.(This is the range of your  Aura) Don't be disappointed if it is small or even Non existent at times, practice with it and it should improve as you work with it more. and it with differ depending upon your physical and emotion health at times. When I first tried this I had an Aura field as small a 1/4 of an inch. But I have had times when it was Non existent and times when the field was as large as a medium sized room.

Enjoy practicing with your Aura
Love and Bright blessings for all.
Daven DragonWolf

Walk the path of a Witch for the right reasons.

I've had many people ask me about Wicca, because they were seriously interested. I have had some people as me about it, because they thought that by learning it they'd get mystical psychic powers.

Before you can commit yourself to the religion of WICCA you must learn to identify the TRUTHS and the Fallacies that you may have heard about it.

Will being a Witch allow you to do things like Levitate or start fires with you mind at will etc....... Probably NOT these are things you see in movies and stories

Can you learn to develop innate psychic abilities. Short answer would be yes. But things can be complicated. Different people have talents in different things Just as someone could juggle 10 things at once and another would be lucky just to catch a ball, so too are the psychic arts. Some people may have a talent for divination , whereas another may have a talent for healing. Some may even have a talent for remote viewing.

Whatever abilities you have, will not be unlocked simply because someone tells you that it is possible. There is no Spell or Ritual that instant gives you abilities. Everyone has it within themselves to do psychic talents. But as with any Talent they are skills that must be learned, practiced and developed. If you want to be a Witch because you want to become more in touch with your inner self, the God & Goddess and how you interact with the energies of the universe. By all means learn to follow the path.  If you want to become a Witch because you think you can have power, control the weather, make people do your bidding etc.... Wicca is NOT right for you...... The energies that are within us are not a tool for amusement and certainly shouldn't be used for harmful practices. In fact using Magick for negative purposes is much akin to a Salmon swimming upstream. It is possible but only through GREAT effort. Whereas if you use Magick for positive influences it come MUCH easier as you are moving with the NATURAL current of the universal energy.

Hopefully those of you who have a real interest in Wicca as a religion will find your true a rightful path.
And those of you just see what Magick can GIVE you. You have to realize that it is something you already have.... you merely have to learn that Magick will always try to follow a TRUE and positive purpose. you have to be at peace with yourself and your connection with the God & Goddess & the Universe before any Magick will be EASY for you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Path that you follow

YOU are the only one who will follow your exact path through this life. Others may join you along the way for awhile, but ultimately you are the one who decides what directions your path take. Your free to choose, shall I take the safe and easy path and follow in others footsteps. Or shall I take the longer harder path that has much to teach me.

Ask 10 different Witches the same question and your likely to get as many different answers. Now that does not mean that some or several of those answers are wrong, it's just whats right for that person. You are your first and foremost guide in your path. Trust your instinct and make choices based on what is RIGHT for YOU. Sure you may ask the God/Goddess or other people for guidance. But it is up to you how much merit you put into that guidance. As I've mentioned in previous posts what works for some may not work for you. This is why you MUST trust yourself to determine what sing true to you.

OK so now I'm going to explain part of my own belief system. You are always free to accept or reject what "Sings true to you."

I've had my beliefs all my life, and on my path I have picked up texts from many different religions From the Bible, to the Qua-ran, to Buddhists texts etc..... I have found parallels in some of them. I have found things I like in all of them, and things I don't like in ALL of them. It is my firm belief that there are NO BAD religions.
We have to realize there is no religious text on the planet that is written by the hand of the god/goddess. Every religious that has been written by the hand (Or printing press or computer) of a person and as such MAY have been the subject of direct or indirect censorship/misinterpretation. Now don't get me wrong I'm saying there is no truth to these texts, I'm saying that you must use your intuition when reading ALL religious texts to determine what feels RIGHT for you. Sometimes texts have been misinterpreted, misunderstood, and sometimes they have even been altered for political and or other agendas. Just as you study to build your own path, use you blinders to see the REAL truth in the work.

One thing I have found that is Universal in ALL religious beliefs is. God/Goddess created the universe, the world and all life upon it. So in essence we are all children of God/Goddess.
To paraphrase Shakespeare a bit here.  Is a God by any other name any less Divine? No i don't think so.
I don't think God cares if you worship them as Jehovah or Allah, or Buddha. God/Goddess LOVES you and only cares that you Love and trust them back.

I Can't believe that God/Goddess wants anyone of us to Harm or disparage each other based on ANY of our differences. So Any texts I find filled with Bigotry, be it Racial, religious, sexuality, gender or politically based gets thrown right out.

Well thanks for reading my lil rant here.... hopefully it helps you to find your true path
Love and Light as always
Blessed be

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask Believe Receive

This is a very Wiccan concept and also the subject of a book and movie Titled "The Secret"

Ask God/Goddess for the results that you desire.

Believe That it is within the combined power of you and God/Goddess to achieve the results you desire

Be patient and wait to receive the results (Sometimes it may take a while for the energies to put into motion your wish) Letting your mind dwell on your desires can sometimes draw the energy away from your desire.
put it to the back of your mind for a bit , and you'll soon be say Wow I forgot I even asked for that.

Blessed be


It is my personal belief that we have many lives on this Earth. That the goal of each life is to learn the lessons that we need to complete our souls Journey of spirituality.After our soul has learned the lesson that are necessary we Move on to the "Summerland" (What Wiccans call heaven)

When I was very young I met a Witch who told me I was an old soul and that I was on my 8th reincarnation.
I have yet to confirm that, as I have only recently started having "Past life dreams". The only past life that I have seen memories from comes from around the time Stonehenge was being built.

It took me a long time to get to the point of having past lives reveal themselves. If you are interested in it, be patient. Work on your spirituality and your connection with the God & Goddess.

For me it took a lot of Chakra work (Realigning my energies) A lot of Meditation and some soul searching.

I've had Wiccan beliefs my whole life. I started Working with Wicca 14 years ago as a Solitary (Though i occasionally attend a Correlion circle or attend a Pagan Pride festival)

I was Ordained as a Minister (Priest) on January 16, 2011

So my journey to enlightenment thus far has been a long one and hasn't always been an easy one.
But have Faith in it and it can and will carry you and Fulfill you.
May you always have what you NEED, and some of what you wish for.
Love and light always.... Blessed be

I welcome Feedback

I will continue making posts here as inspiration strikes me.

If there is anything that you would like to see covered, please leave a comment for me or email me at
If I know the topic already I will post an answer as promptly as possible. Otherwise I will let you know I'm not familiar with i, though then I WILL research  it and will post as soon as I feel I am comfortable with my concept of the topic.

Bright blessings to All

Fairly take and Fairly give

This line is part of the Wiccan Rede, and for good reason. As we take resources from the earth we should also give back. The Earth takes care of us and thus we should take care of it.

1. We should be thankful for the things that we have and which sustain us. Offer a prayer to those that gave up their essence to sustain your (Be it plant or animal)

2. Practice recycling whenever and however possible.

3. Give back however you can... plant a garden, keep a houseplant, plant a tree etc ....

4. Try not to take more than you need, plus a little more. Greed depletes more resources than you can restore.

Spelling Lesson

What is a spell?
A spell is one part ritual and one part prayer and 100% faith

A spell is a tool that we can use to channel our divine energy to attain our goals.
They can be as simple or elaborate as we desire as long as our faith is there and our intention is good.

We should never cast a spell with the intent to harm or hex anyone. (Remember the 2 fold law of Karma)
A spell we cast for ourselves is more powerful than one cast for someone else.
If casting a spell for another, you should not charge a fee for it. (For that would draw energy away from the spell)
A Spell we CREATE ourselves has more power than one we get from another (We can use what we learn from others to create our own spells. But just as every person & soul is different so to are the spells that work for us) Trust your instincts (Your soul knows what will work for you

Some people like to write their spell in rhyme (myself include) Others find that prose works best for them. (It's your spell, do what sings true to you)
If using herbs or other ingredients in your spell try to choose ones complimentary to the task at hand.
Try to work with elements that work for you. Some people feel a particular affinity towards one or more, and many of us find that working with more helps to add to the energy of the spell (Do what feels right to you {An it harm none})
The Elements are    Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit

If you don't know what Elements, herbs, actions or ingredients are complementary to your spell, open a book, search the Net, ask a Mentor. In other words LEARN what you need to know. There is no substitute for accurate knowledge..
Life is a never ending quest for knowledge. Wisdom is using the knowledge you have in the most beneficial way. Faith is knowing that the divine is with you always, guiding you to make the right decisions

Saturday, July 16, 2011

An ye harm none do what thou Wilt

Wicca doesn't have alot of HARDFAST  rules. If fact this is the only one. "Do what you wish as long as it does no harm"

Now different coven or if your a solitary that has a "Mentor" they may have a set of rules unique to their coven/tradition.

Back to "Harm none" different people interpret this differently. Some choose to be Vegetarian so as no harm comes to Animal life.
My personal opinion (You are free to feel differently if you like)  is as follows.
All organic life is sacred, unfortunately we must consume some organics to live, whether they are plant, meat or both the body doesn't care. (I personally eat both)
My personal application is "Do as you wish without causing intentional, unnecessary harm"

I hope I didn't confuse anyone
Love and light to everyone......... Blessed be

A Year and a Day

So you want to be a Wiccan......
Most Witches I know and myself  as well believe strongly in the year and a day philosophy for people interested in Wicca.

Which means that you pick a day that is important to you. Which could be a Birthday, anniversary, or even the day you first learn about Wicca, Some Wiccans suggest that it be a Sabbat or Esbat (Wiccan Holidays and Full Moons) On that day you declare you intent to "Follow the path" of a Wiccan. Basically meaning you dedicate yourself to LEARNING as much as you can about the religion, customs and practices of Wicca for 366 days.
After which if you find yourself still as excited and interested in Wicca as you were the 1st day, then you formally initiate yourself into Wicca.

Different Wiccans have different views on initiation. Some believe only a Witch can initiate a Witch. (A coven philosophy) Solitary practitioners (Myself included) believe that self initiation is acceptable.

In my opinion The God and Goddess don't care how you come to the path, as long as you follow it with a true and open heart.

What we need to practice Wicca

One of the most common questions people just learning about Wicca ask, is "What do I need to practice Wicca.
To be Honest, you are born with everything you NEED to worship the Lord and Lady.

1. Your heart   2. Your Mind    3. Your soul
Those are the only tools you absolutely NEED. While it might be nice to have a Wand, Pentacle, Candle, or that Fancy Athame you desire, they are not needed. The Lord & Lady will hear your voice as long as your Heart, Mind, and Soul are open and receptive to them