Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love Spell @>---}----

OK here is a love spell that worked for me.
Ground and center yourself.
Spend 5 min meditating on true Love
Then go to a social networking site (For me it was FB)
and Post a Poem that you write searching for true love
I'm posting mine here to give you some ideas, but it is important that you write your OWN so that you put as much of your energy into it.


The Wind softly whispers, through the cool fall air.....
Tell me that my true love is out there, somewhere....
Where to look it does not say....
Just that love is on it's way....
Trust in love, It'll happen in time....
I just can't wait, 'til your heart reaches mine.

While you write your poem think about the qualities that you desire in your soul mate. Do not think about any specific person, this is to attract your match not someone specific that you desire. Which would be going against free will and can have dire consequences.

Once you post your poem, go on about your life and forget about. Dwelling on it will draw energy away from it and make it take longer, or backfire completely.

For me this worked Within 9 days.... I was drawn to the profile of another person and I posted a comment to her and, things just went GREAT from there. We have so much in common and are constantly keeping each other smiling and laughing.

Good luck and great romances

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